Thursday, 23 August 2012

Going back to unfinished writing - featured Rob Blackwell

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My 5th Steele novel is entitled 'Inception of the Species' at the moment! This is the second title so far and it could change again. However, due to my getting involved in producing the poetry collection, 'The Musings of a Confused Mind' I haven't had time to keep going with the latest book. That is, until today.

Going back.

I have never been one to go back anywhere. I have not re-visited holiday destinations, former homes or even former wives! So going back to start writing again after a period of time could well have been traumatic. As I have often said my writing is intensely personal and such an internalised process.
However, I am pleased to say that after re-reading what had been written so far the re-engagement was not at all difficult. In fact in some ways I felt that I'd learned more about myself as a writer and the quality of what I produced this morning was higher. So if you are not sure about going back - have a go.


Rob Blackwell is a fellow member of our tribe on His article today on rude authors is both enlightening and well argued. If you would like to read it Rob is on Venture Galleries and there is a link below which you can copy and paste if it won't work initially.

To summarise, author Sue Grafton was interviewed on TV and described indie authors as 'lazy wannabes'! Rob handles the report exceptionally well and answers from his and our point of view. Thanks Rob.

God Bless