Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Happy Anniversary Hawaii - 50th State 1959 & settings

 Hawaii was accepted as 50th state in 1959

 Hawaii is the only U.S. state made up entirely of islands. It is the northernmost island group in Polynesia, occupying most of an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean. Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches and oceanic surrounding, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for tourists, surfers, biologists, and vulcanologists alike. Due to its mid-Pacific location, Hawaii has many North American and Asian influences along with its own vibrant native culture. Hawaii has over a million permanent residents along with many visitors and U.S. military personnel. Its capital is Honolulu on the island of O'ahu.

BUT Hawaii is also very photogenic or it certainly is to the media. I am no expert but it features in epic movies such as Pearl Harbour down to TV shows like Hawaii 5 0. There are magnificent shots of the islands in lots of other films. This got me thinking about settings for my Steele novels and the simple truth that they have all been set in places that I have visited. Nothing particularly surprising in that as it makes sense to include aspects of the familiar in your writing. Many authors have done this before, Dickens, the Bronte sisters, Catherine Cookson and many more. I think those authors who write of places and times that have no link to their own reality are incredibly brave, talented and extremely clever. For now I will stick to Patrick A Steele and the flights of fancy that is my poetry!

God Bless