Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hiroshima 6th August 1945 - Man's inhumanity.

The A Dome Building

This building was 600 feet below the point that the atom bomb was exploded on 6th August 1945. Interesting to note that some scientist had to work out that the explosion must occur at 600ft for maximum killing effect!
I took this photo while visiting Japan in 2007 and should be bracketed with the picture below of the Children's monument!

When writing my Steele novels I am aware of the need, from within me I think, to avoid unnecessary violence and cruelty even within the context of a wholly fictional central character. The above information is a reminder of how cruel and heartless, with self-justification, humanity can be in reality. That is something that can't figure in my stories and I believe I have the balance right!

Have you any internal constraints that you couldn't include in a story?

God Bless