Friday, 17 August 2012

Launching a new book - The Musings of a Confused Man

The title of the new book and this blog couldn't be more apt. I have added a link to the new book at the side of this page which will take you to the book in the Kindle Store.
I have taken the plunge as a result of the information, both positive and negative, that I have read from fellow authors. As to my opinion, well the jury is out as it is less than 24 hours since I published. However, I received a message from my youngest son, who lives in Belgium, saying that he had been unable to purchase!  Hardly an auspicious beginning. That is why I have included the link on here as it takes you straight to the book that gives a purchase option and I have checked that it is working.
I know myself pretty well and can be rather harsh in my assessment of situations and equipment and I really am trying to be patient (you're saying to yourself that there is a 'but') however there seems to be a paucity of information. Apart from one email confirming the placing of the book that gives umpteen opportunities to read the copious T & Cs there is nothing about the actual workings of the scheme. For example it tells me they will advertise 5 'free days' but there does not seem to be the mechanism to do that and son on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Now to the book itself. It is rather like singing a solo in a concert situation as opposed to the publishing of a novel which is closer to singing a part in a musical. When I began writing the poetry it was partly for personal reasons, when singing solo in a concert it is also personal and a one off opportunity with potential pitfalls! Writing a novel has the feel of taking a role in a musical in that you are performing as someone else which provides a barrier between yourself and the audience. 
As I have said in the introduction I have 2 wishes, that it is in some way educational and also thought provoking. If readers find other things that is great and positive feedback would be helpful.

God Bless