Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Poetry Thursday 22 - Passage (featured Jo von Bargen)


Black and white candy floss hair and click clack feet
Happy sounds of childhood echoing in the psyche
Crackling fire flickers around the walls like dappled sunlight
Tranquillity observing the world from a well stuffed armchair

'Go out to play!' and get out from under tired hardworking shoes
Calmness toiling in the profundity of the earth with great skill
Solitude from random circumstances beyond the control of man
The pains of growing in a garden of adolescence surrounded by age

Onset of careers, families and progeny ensued with years
Passing sands of existence flowing as a careening white water raft on the torrent of life
The oasis of calm being tired of and from the toil – left - to peace never to return
Devastation at the losing - regrets the time apart – opportunities gone

Orbit of the Earth continues and seems faster as negative geotropism elevates
No glass ceiling this transition between child and retired man
The hair is plain white as the driven snow now sat atop the family heap
Throughout the gallop of time branches fall off the tree

Now it is closer - the next step up - and reluctantly nearer to my God
Click clack feet no longer – replaced by a slow shuffling whisper
Too weak to stand mostly but able enough to send out to play
Will it be soon or must there be more suffering what do they mean? What does He want?

Does she understand the machinations of her body and the lack of control?
Has the process of degeneration we all suffer from gone too far for her?
Is this a terminal approaching now or on as yet a distant undefined horizon?
Has too much been said already or not enough?

Decisions of future to be made by those unconnected
What gives them the right to play God with this brood?
But to trumpet their intentions as a fanfare of right is bane
He will decide the time of His coming and bringing softening
© David L Atkinson July 2012


Jo von Bargen is a favourite poet of mine. Her imagery and descriptive powers are immense. Visit her blog for information on books and samples of her work.

God Bless