Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Poetry Thursday 24 - On the Verge & Carolyn Arnold

On The Verge

A most ingenious paradox
Whether it is time or not
Like a grade f student reading a relief map
Confused by the meaning of the contours
Lost in the plethora of information

In the meantime painful confusion
Heaped on by more data with no cure
The daily grind of everything and no progress
Sickening kindness and palliative care
The anger of not knowing

Is this some sick preparation
A jagged sword stirring up the intestines
Or the dread normality of the process
Humdrum activities leading to the inescapable
Banal contradiction presaging the finality

Celebrating the years past accepting the inevitable
The joy of travelling the highway of time
Happy moments, blithe existence seemingly constant
Sagacity eases the decay of the vital body
When senescence tips over the balance go with peace

You can’t fight it!

Carolyn Arnold

Carolyn is another Canadian author who is very kind with her support. She is an accomplished author of several books so hardly needs my attention but this is a thank you for all the support.

God Bless