Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Publishing Poetry - KDP Select or not?

I have started the process of compiling the poetry I have written into a book! Am I losing the plot? There is quite a lot to go at but presenting it is a bit of a can of worms! One of the reasons I am doing this is to experiment with KDP Selectto see if there is any likely benefit to me transferring my novels there also. 
Another reason is the difficulty in publishing poetry with CompletelyNovel.com - the clue is in the title!
They have been brilliant with my books up to present but their formatting rules are an obstacle to setting pages in the way I feel best presents my work.

If anyone out there has any positive input that may assist please get back to me?

So far, even though I feel that I've produced quite a lot of work, it seems that I may be flattering myself! Will KDP allow illustration?

God Bless