Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sacrifice - featured author Claude Bouchard

 Sacrifice can be used as meaning 'doing without something' or 'giving something up'

Sacrifice is such a powerful word with the scope of meaning going from the above to the other extreme of human sacrifice. When we are writing situations arise when sacrificial activities can be used to develop emotion and give the opportunity to describe inner stresses that can then engage our audience. Once again as I have suggested many times before we are our own best resource as throughout life situations arise that come under the heading of self-sacrifice. A long awaited night out foregone because of work commitments;  a favourite pass time missed due to baby sitting duties; and, allowing someone else to benefit while putting yourself second. Not the strongest examples but situations where conflicting emotions arise within the person making the sacrifice. These feelings are rich and poignant and allow the reader to identify with what writers are trying to achieve.
I am contemplating a sacrifice which in the grand scheme is not that important but which I have prepared for and looked forward to over a number of weeks, but family comes first.

Claude Bouchard - Vigilante

Claude has supported my blogs and retweeted my tweets and when this first book in the Vigilante series was made available I decided to take a look. I have thoroughly enjoyed the tale and the way in which the author has developed his characters and the relationships between them. As with all good reads, in this cop/ mystery genre, the author has allowed the clues to the identities of the perpetrators to ease in surreptitiously and keep the reader hanging on to the end. Highly recommended.

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