Saturday, 18 August 2012

Still pushing poetry - The Musings of a Confused Mind

            The idea for this collection came to me around 05:00 on August 7th 2012 amid Olympic Games, global financial meltdown and mother in hospital. The ideas behind the poetry represent a re-visiting of learning. It reflects back to when I was taught ‘how to write poetry’ as a boy and then in turn teaching the subject to primary aged school children. Do I sound like an expert? (a drip under pressure) Well I’m not – this book is the equivalent of my learning curve in this branch of the art of writing. However, as with art the work is subjective as will be the readers opinion of the musings contained.
            My wish is that anyone buying this will derive some pleasure and possibly find some thought provoking words. It would be of great satisfaction to me if someone else took up poetry writing as a result of studying this work.
I also have produced poems in a variety of styles that I’ve been influenced by in my turn, with some explanation of those genres as we proceed.

Thank you for taking the time.
God Bless