Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The contents of tales - & Marmite for Bert Carson!

 You'll either love it or hate it!
This little section is for Bert Carson! I mentioned in this weeks Tuesday recipe using Marmite and my fellow writer Bert couldn't find the heavenly goo in his part of North America - makes me think that there is room for a Marmite export opportunity. It would seem to be similar to Vegemite if you want to try that as an alternative. That is available in my local supermarket.
As an aside, and I must apologise to all my other writer friends that I haven't featured as yet, but I started reading one of Bert's books 'Another Place Another Time' while on my travels last weekend. I have still to read a number of colleagues books but this was one of the first I loaded on to my Kindle so started it at last.
I enjoy animals both real and fictitious and so this story appealed to me anyway but I seriously couldn't put it down. Bert has an engaging, compelling and easy style that will demand the reader continues to read on once started. His characters are realistic and easy to engage with and the plot has a good balance of information, description and adrenaline jolts. I would recommend this story to a wide ranging audience as it is suitable for most ages.
I'd love a dog like Whispers - Well done Bert

Going back to the Marmite - it wasn't an essential part of my recipe but it has a powerful flavour - a little like some of the characters in our stories. The central players in my tales are Patrick Steele, Naomi Kobayashi and Takuo Sumisu but there are another three that are rather like the Marmite between the beans and the toast! Steele's staff - or family - are essential to the story and for me provide the continuity that has enabled me to develop Steele's character. Hopefully when you read these tales you will identify with the characters and see their development over the four stories. (4th one is with the editor!)

God Bless