Monday, 27 August 2012

Tuesday Recipe - and a Neil Armstrong memorial

Neil Armstrong (82)

One small step for man
One giant leap for mankind
Last chilly moonwalk
©David L Atkinson August 2012

I was at home in Sunderland having completed my first year at Bradford College where I was training to become a teacher, when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon! Where were you?
I wonder if whoever penned the statement Neil made on the moon had completed 2/3rds of the above haiku!


The final result with the crushed new potatoes and basil, with green beans.

It wouldn't be that difficult to prepare a traditional white sauce and add to the dish but the supermarket were selling the, 'Chicken Tonight' Country French White Wine Sauce with cream and chives, for £1 which was about half price. It made sense to me. I just added a glass of white wine to the pan and stirred vigorously to prevent splitting.
The full recipe is on the above TAB

God Bless