Monday, 17 September 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - seafood lasagne

Seafood Lasagne

I buy fresh lasagne sheets from my local supermarket because they are really good quality but you get ten sheets for £1. I usually make a lasagne al forno with 6 sheets and that serves three or four meals but leaves me with 4 sheets and I hate waste so I've been casting round for a suitable recipe with which to use them up. I found Simon Rimmer's recipe for the above and decided to have a go.
His method of producing a bechamel sauce is slightly different in that he brings his milk up to scalding, just below boiling point, and as he adds it to the butter and flour it thickens as you are going along. You need to stir vigorously all the time.
The seafood I purchased in the supermarket in a ready prepared pack. It contained salmon, a white fish prawns and scallops and was quite expensive but worth it in the end. As a variation to the peas a handful of baby spinach goes well.
As usual the full recipe is on the tab above.

I am writing my 5th Steele novel which is provisionally entitled 'Inception of the Species'. I feel that I can share that with you because I am over half way through the third chapter and going ok. This one is set mainly in Eire another country I've had the good fortune to have travelled to with family and friends.

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