Monday, 10 September 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - skinny lasagne!

 A bit of a con really

Two of our celebrity chefs, Dave Myers and Si King, decided that they needed to lose weight and decided to create a slimming lasagne. Basically they replaced the lasagne with leeks! How? Well the cut the leek in half but not all the way through. Boil for about five minutes, just long enough to soften the leaves, then rinse in cold water and spread out flat on a cloth. Use the flattened leek sheets in place of the usual fattening pasta.
I can teach Dave and Si a thing or two - I also used fully skimmed milk for the cheese sauce and extra lean beef steak mince.
The recipe for lasagne is on the TAB above.

 The Hairy Bikers - slimmer line version.

As an indication that I haven't been idle check out the ode against celery below!


If there was a food created by the devil
No attractive facets to its make up
A bitterness of taste unique
Upper fronds all pale and feathery
It is celery!

Try it raw with salt or chopped in stews
My knife and fork I always use
To remove the smallest coarse strands
Hoping no flavour left - too peppery
It is celery!

A cure for illness - boiled and liquor supped
Old wives have a lot to answer for
The odour then genetically transmitted
Doesn’t just sit in the memory
It is celery!

Purports to have a crown though insipid white
The best part if that be possible
Burn the lot, ban the crop
This evil plant is no delicacy
It is celery!
 ©David L Atkinson September 2012


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