Sunday, 2 September 2012

Book Launch Week! - A Changed Reality the 4th Steele novel

Patrick A Steele has discovered an injustice which involves organised crime and kidnapping for the sex trade and he applies his unique skillset to disrupt the evil group behind these heinous atrocities. This fourth Steele novel continues the association of our hero with the Japanese Gurentai one of whom he is becoming increasingly romantically attached to - but is it reciprocated? When weekend rioting seems to be driven by some hidden force Patrick and his confederates travel in the UK and eastern Europe in an effort to overcome the activities of an evil crime lord and his hired assassin.


This is my latest Steele novel now available on in paperback version and on Amazon for Kindle devices. In one way it represents a new departure for me as it is written in the future, not far in the future but far enough to allow me to manipulate and speculate with the way in which society may change. Much of the speculation is derived from current situations in our world and one possible outcome. This of course has interesting consequences. For example I have started writing a fifth Steele novel and of course it has to follow on from the above so it is slightly further into the future!
Now I have great admiration for those authors and writers who produce futuristic novels and would never claim to want to try that particular genre myself but I think I may have driven myself into a situation whereby that is what I'm doing. One of the skills I have discovered in writing in this way that is related to being a good liar - you need to have a good memory. 
Well I hope that you find this new Steele novel interesting and entertaining.


Paperback version of 'The Musings of a Confused Mind' available here - also available on Kindle & Kindle App

God Bless