Saturday, 29 September 2012

Different views of the same event - perspective.

 From who's point of view!
When we interact with another human whatever is said or whatever happens can be seen from two points of view!
We talk a great deal about getting things in perspective. When we write, perspective (non-graphical), can be a useful tool in that we can explore the actions of our characters from different points of view. Also we can develop personality through perspective. We all know people who if put into a given situation will react in a predictable way. All things that can be explored as we write but this was brought to mind by the result of my football team this afternoon and how it was reported.

We had played 4 and drawn 4 games this season which would seem less than satisfactory but 3 of the games  were away from home and the one game drawn at home was against one of the top clubs. On top of that we have beaten two lower league sides to progress to the last 16 of the cup.
However, the pundits on TV were saying things like 'they will be desperate to get their first win' - 'they need to pull away from the lower reaches of the table' which are factually correct but the situation was definitely not as black as it was being painted.

Writing from different perspectives of one event is not something that I've come across that often and I wonder how it would go. I suppose it would be like 'Groundhog Day' as seen by the animal or one of the other characters rather than from Bill Murray's point of view!


Time Traveller

Nothing is solid
Look for voids, nooks and crannies
Wormholes to winter
©David L Atkinson September 2012

This was inspired by Stephen Hawking's view on time travel, the fourth dimension and building a time machine.

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