Saturday, 15 September 2012

Is KDP Select doing it for you? Thoughts of Ted.

 Is KDP Select working?

The short answer for me is not yet. I have a number of theories one of which is the fact that Amazon Prime and also other aspects of the site are quintessentially USA centric. I also believe that the type of book is against massive contact but since the first promotion a month ago there have been no sales and part way through another free day - no hits! I could get quite depressed about the quality of what I've written but I'm not going to go down that road its too depressing. Will it stop me writing? No! I'm just not a salesman.
If you do happen to download a copy please share with twitter friends and on Facebook.

I'm sure Ted would tell me to be true to myself and write because I enjoy the process. He would confirm that some people will get something out of my work and even if it is only a relative few it is worth it.
Cheers Ted


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