Sunday, 9 September 2012


 Re- discovered Ted aged 62!

Memory is so important when you are writing. As I have said before there is a parallel with being a good liar! It is fascinating how everyday objects can inspire ideas. When I taught in primary school, to encourage the children to write, we used to ask the children to bring favourite objects and then begin by simply describing what they saw. There was some fascinating work produced but then to take the description a step further and write a story including the object. Many children had great fun.
My Teddy
I was inspired by the way Teddy is sitting on the chair. There is a self- belief, almost an arrogance about his manner. It is plain that the bear is in control of his situation and is waiting for the correct level of attention from whoever is present in the room with him. Yet the heavy brow, serious face and calm manner instils trust, dependability and caring that will be bestowed as required. He is the sort of character who you would want round in a crisis.
The humble teddy
Presidential idea
Provides Spring-like warmth
©David L Atkinson September 2012

The bear is gazing steadily, unblinkingly in my direction from the comfort of his throne like chair. There is something steely, almost threatening in his stolid and immobile demeanour. There would be no arguing with him. The slightly sardonic curl to his mouth makes me quiver in my shoes. What is he going to demand of me this windswept, sticky night? Will it be cold blooded murder?

Let your imagination run riot.

God Bless