Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Poetry Thursday 27 - A Poetic Experiment

A Poetic Experiment

This is very experimental for me. I constructed this poem to be read vertically and horizontally!! Sorry about the formatting it has been a nightmare so you may need a magnifier
The purpose of the poem is to compare two existences being lived within one person on a daily basis and as such is an illustration of how we compartmentalise our lives quite often between home, work and hobbies. The subject of the poem as an indication of where I am at the moment.

One of the benefits I have discovered from writing poetry is the improvement in quality of my most recent novel 'A Changed Reality'. So much so that my editor stated that he wanted to read the story rather than edit it. I believe that the narration of the characters emotions is better developed and would advise all writers who have not taken this route to have a go.
I appreciate that the tone of my poetic writing has been quite dour at times, positively miserable you might say, but I have also begun looking back at different times, including childhood and love, and will publish more fun stuff on here in the coming weeks.
If you have any comments please feel free!

Two Lives

Mornings and early afternoon                                          Afternoon until evening
Cleaning, shopping reading writing                                  Driving to and from the damned place
Looking after my situation                                                 Preparing for the encounter
Own thoughts and feelings                                                Support, kindness, patience fortitude
Ambitions, at my age? Yes!                                               What will I find?

Frustrations even disappointment                                    Met with confusion and dozing
What will the future hold for me                                      The future holds very little now or?
Bright and blue as the sky                                                 Darkening and threatening firmament
Nervous, solitary gazing into the void                             Nervous, denying different void?
Need to handle my own life                                              Losing the handle on life

Making arrangements – beginning                                   But wait – an improvement?
Accused of denying death                                                 Lucid accusation from a confused mind
Guilty feelings of negligence                                              Somnambulence returns
The next place visited and decided                                  No interest in moving from this spot
Take stock for a day or two                                              More daily ablutions by third parties

It all starts again but lower                                                The next crisis could be the last
Astounded by further lucidity                                           Dismissively sleepy
Astonished with the humour                                             Actively interacting with the help
Puzzled once again                                                             Up one minute down the next
When will I get my life                                                        Terrifying grin of determination

©David L Atkinson September 2012

God Bless