Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Poetry Thursday 28 - Childhood


The Elietumpt (a sonnet)

Enormous grey lumbering pachyderm
Striding inexorably towards light
Tiny, piggy eyes and a gaze that’s firm
Ridiculous nose expression not bright

Mindfulness equivalent to largeness
Conveyance as ample as proportions
Subpoenas a human respectfulness
With bright howdah will taxi the nations

Children enjoy the kissable version
Billing for behemoth is positive
Capacious pinna afford suspension
Their existence to all is addictive

The elietumpt is precious to the world
Infant’s labelling from tongue still curled

©David L Atkinson August 2012

This poem is derived from my own childhood and stems from my inability to pronounce the name of the beast. Of course what then happened, and I'm sure is common in many families, the parents started to use the child's term!
It is written in the style of a sonnet.


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God Bless