Sunday, 23 September 2012

SF - the next steps

Alternative view

Great crust of hind brain
The bright boost of two suns
Bathing in veiled light
©David L Atkinson September 2012

Having begun exploring the genre of SF as a new direction for myself, I find that the last 4 blogs are tying themselves together. If you go back a couple of days I began with a couple on inspiration then SF and today I am looking at science fiction again. Its a bit of a personal thing as explained in my last blog. I began writing poetry in the Japanese haiku style a few months ago and there are quite a few examples and an explanation of how to write haiku in the one poetry collection I have published on Amazon Kindle 'The Musings of a Confused Mind'. The research I did yesterday threw up a variation on haiku and that was scifaiku an example of which you see above, my first attempt. 

The first sticking point I have had to surmount is where to start. Unlike writing the Steele novels where the plots are built around 'real' situations that I have observed in the world, SF is virginal. An alternative name for the genre is speculative fiction and so it is whatever you as the writer say it is! Having said that there is a speculative quality about my latest Steele novel, 'A Changed Reality', which is being carried on in the current work in progress (WIP). In a way it could be said that I have begun making the switch of genre.

Before I continue I must say that some of the scifaiku I have read do not conform to the rules of haiku which is disappointing for me. I tend to be obsessive compulsive!

Going back to my next steps. I have no intention of planning a 6th novel whilst in the midst of writing the 5th but I feel that I need to flex the SF muscle and a few gentle scifaiku may be the way forward. The ancient Japanese framework will be adhered to but the nature necessarily speculative. Now the question is where to go for inspiration? The poem above is quintessentially biological which is my background but I want to try something different. We'll have to see what happens.

Inception of the Species

This Steele novel is progressing ok I'm on the way to the end of Chapter 3. The two differences in writing this is the first part goes much deeper into the early years of our hero, Steele, and secondly, there is the opportunity for future speculation as it is set at least four years in the future.

God Bless