Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - Spaghetti with Olive & Anchovy sauce

Tastier than it looks honest!

Just a quickie as I just returned from a trip away.
This is a simple sauce without any cooking produced by Nigella Lawson in her series Nigellissima.

The spaghetti cooks as all spaghetti and for the sauce all you require is a blender. The really frustrating thing I find about Nigella is the lack of info on quantities. I will try to be better!

10 - 12 pitted olives (green or black)
1 small tin of anchovies
1 clove of garlic
a fistful of parsley
handful of pine nuts
enough olive oil to make a paste - around 4 - 6 tbsp
2 tbsp of the starchy water from the cooked spaghetti

Blitz together in the blender pour over the spaghetti and toss together. Couldn't be easier but be warned it is very rich.
As an extra I had some smoked German sausage which I sliced into the sauce.

God Bless