Friday, 5 October 2012

James Bond Day - and an electric kettle.

 My new electric kettle.

You may well ask what this common or garden electric appliance has to do with Ian Fleming's James Bond. I'll come to that presently. I filled my kettle yesterday afternoon and left it for a few minutes before turning it on to make myself a cuppa. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered water all over the worktop and running down on to the floor when I returned a little later.
Not one to allow grass to grow under my feet I went out and bought the above this morning. Now being what I consider to be a fairly typical male I rarely read instructions but having a few minutes to spare I opened the multilingual booklet at the UK page and read the following:-

' The appliance should not be used by the following persons, including children: those with limited physical, sensory or mental capabilities and also those with a lack of experience and knowledge.'

Amazingly this is where James Bond comes in to the equation. The above sentence just about excludes the majority of the human race excepting for 007. From my point of view I qualify only in that I am not a child! Talk about companies trying to protect themselves from possible litigation as a result of accidents involving their equipment!
1. As to my physical capabilities I have a slight problem with arthritis and plantar fasciitis
2. Sensory limitations I don't do too badly I only wear glasses.
3. My mental capabilities are not too bad but I have had problems with clinical depression and have shown some symptoms of Asperger's although not tested by the health service.
Simply put if I have an accident with this implement would I be able to apportion any blame to Grundig the manufacturer? It would seem that only a James Bond or Patrick A Steele type character should be allowed to make a coffee! What is this world coming to? At one time it would have been sufficient to warn users that there is risk of scalding or electrocution if the appliance is misused!

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