Saturday, 6 October 2012

KDP Select final attempt - The Musings of a Confused Mind

The final day of free copies available through this scheme. The question being has it worked? I'm going to get splinters in my behind and say yes and no.

As a strategy for getting your work out there and noticed it works. I have sold copies of other books while the KDP book was undergoing its free weekend.

There are over 100 copies of my slim volume of poetry in circulation now.
Its taught me more about the process of marketing and sales.

I haven't sold any poetry books!
I am operating from the UK - yes I believe this is an issue

I probably won't do this again with a poetry collection mainly because it is not a popular genre but I am tempted with my next novel. The comment about poetry is backed up by fellow poet Oscar Sparrow who made top 10 seller with only 8 copies being purchased by readers!
Don't let me put you off buying a copy it is quite cheap and both thought provoking and educational.

In the last couple of weeks some TV programmes have resurfaced to begin their Autumn run. A number of friends have talked about individual episodes and actions that have taken place but their is one common factor in them all. Relationships. Whether the setting be early twentieth century landed gentry or medieval tales of knights and round tables the setting is almost secondary. What watchers comment on are the performances of individual actors as they ply their trade in front of the camera. It serves as a reminder to me in my writing that the action and setting, though important, can only achieve their full potential when the relationships between the characters is well constructed. When I have completed the 5th Steele novel, probably another three months or so, I will have a real challenge in turning to SF but I know that if I build characters and generate interaction that is believable then the concept is more likely to work.
So fellow scribes look after your characters and your books will look after themselves!



Shimmering ether
Arrival of the unknown
Cold finger of fear
©David L Atkinson October 2012

God Bless