Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Poetry Thursday 35 - Orphaned


It happens to all of us in the normal run
Losing our parents is the accepted pattern
Parents should never bury children young
Impossible to accept that deviant pattern

Orphaned in middle and older age
Experiencing cuts and is heart felt
The pattern set out on all life’s page
Knowing doesn’t lessen the torment

Sad tragedy in her early adolescence
Passed on to chary relatives by chance
Taken in home with some reluctance
Formative years were no merry dance

A great parent learned through self-teaching
Wonderful wife over years had developed
Humour and love for people far reaching
Selfless and generous in action and loved

The passing was gentle in spite of great effort
Life’s determination to better adversity – failed
God required her in love to join the blessed
Transported to heaven in love to be bathed
©David L Atkinson October 2012

God Bless