Sunday, 21 October 2012

Poetry writing and SF - Let your imagination soar.

If he said that is the case then it will do for me. In my blogs, apart from the historical and gastronomic, I am happy to allow my imagination to expand and probe different ideas, hence the explorations in poetry and science fiction. I enjoy writing my novels but as with any activity it is good to stretch the muscles in different ways. Some people write six sentence stories, others write poetry, some short stories but whatever it is part of the job to diversify I think.
For me the poetry is a  release as well as a medium for stretching my thoughts beyond the run of the mill. The focus of the poetry depends upon my frame of mind and can vary from the silly to the serious but I have also explored all sorts of different forms that help me to write. These are described in 'The Musings of a Confused Mind' my first collection of poetry available through Amazon.
As a pupil, when education was being done to me, I seem to remember not liking poetry and being 'commanded' to write it was a nightmare. When I began to teach in primary school the National Curriculum demanded that I teach poetry writing as part of studying English. My experience didn't really prepare me with the skills necessarily to teach poetry writing. Part of the problem is that the educational system is mired in measuring success and failure, both of pupil and teacher, and so free thinking and expression are an anathema to the system. Yet it is free thinking, imagination and expression that is the playground of the poet. It would be great to allow children a portion of time for quiet reflection then allowing them writing time for whatever they wish to put down on paper. The benefits being that the teacher learns more about their charges and the pupils can stretch their minds and become more aware of themselves. 
All of this leads to more reflective and satisfying writing in a longer form if it is your thing. Of course there will always be those who wish to analyse, count and compare but that shouldn't stop you writing, that is their hang up!


Killer Strain

Low population
Burnished leaves wither and die
Invaders destroy
©David L Atkinson October 2012

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