Friday, 19 October 2012

Review - Claude Nougat - Death on Facebook

Another thanks from me for a free copy of a fine book and my review for Author Claude Nougat.

The Author

Born in Brussels, brought up on three continents (Europe, Africa, America), Claude Nougat is a Columbia University graduate (economics). In her busy working life, she followed in Jack London's footsteps and dabbled at a wide variety jobs from banking to publishing, journalism, marketing and teaching until she started working for the United Nations (FAO). She stayed there 25 years, ending her career as Director for Europe and Central Asia.
Now happily retired, she dedicates herself to her two lifelong passions, writing and painting. So far she has published two books in Italian and several books in English including novels, short stories and one essay on development aid (more coming on the Euro crisis and the United Nations). She lives in Italy with her Sicilian husband.

The Book

I agree with everything author Claude says in her opening note regarding the place of the short story in our modern, fast-paced and digital world. This collection is fast and up-to-date, even futuristic and highly recommended.
The style is demanding the readers attention and 'pokes you in the eye' with surprises and twists in these well constructed stories. Characters have to be formed quickly in this shorter form of the art which Claude Nougat achieves with great success. She also produces a full range of types from young to extremely elderly and handles all with success and confidence.
The contents of the stories are varied but they contain  an element of menace and expectancy which is stimulating. There isn't long to establish a scene but from first to last tale you are drawn in by the compelling, readable style. Tackling the modern world of Facebook, hacking etc is appealing to a wide audience but within that arena the author also successfully addresses issues of arranged marriage, murder and care of the elderly to name but a few.
Overall a very stimulating read and Highly Recommended

God Bless