Thursday, 18 October 2012

Review - Oscar Sparrow - 'I Threw a Stone'

The Author 
Oscar Sparrow was born in Winchester UK in 1949, apparently thanks to the American Marshal Aid programme to re-build Europe after the war. As the colour red leached its way out of the map of the British Empire, Oscar attended a die-hard Church school designed to create noble savages to serve what was left of the savage Nobles. The Eleven Plus exam revealed that he could not even count to eleven and he became a mechanic, labourer, truck driver, boxer and poet. He read Wordsworth and Ford Cortina manuals in a lorry cab near both Oxford and Cambridge universities. 

I am featuring Oscar Sparrow as with other writers because of his kindness in giving copies of his collection 'I Threw A Stone' and me downloading it for Kindle then taking weeks, perhaps longer, to read it. It is my intention that all the 'freebies' I will eventually feature in my blog and post a review.
As a part time poet I love reading others work, modern stuff mostly from living poets. rather than the dead stuff. There are some great writers out there and Oscar is one of them.

Reading this collection of fine poetry was rather like embarking on a journey with its twists and turns and ups and downs. The format is different and very readable and the subject matter is varied and fascinating to the point where feelings of nostalgia with 'Fashion Footwear' were engendered along with a variety of other emotions in other pieces. In other words Oscar Sparrow has the knack of engaging the reader in a few short lines. This collection will take you on a journey to familiar and unfamiliar places but you will be regally entertained throughout.
Well done Oscar - highly recommended

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