Sunday, 14 October 2012

Rock Mass - a different form of worship.

I attend church regularly on a Sunday morning but this weekend we had a double dose. Saturday night the normal fairly conservative interior of Christ the King became a venue for a rock concert. This Rock Mass had the theme 'Follow Me'

Don't be fooled by the haziness of this next photo it was the result of a mixture of smoke machine and incense.

 The band was a five piece and worked their collective socks off for an hour and a half interspersing the usual prayers with rock music and heavier versions of one or two more traditional songs.

 The atmosphere was heavy with the fragrances and the result of having a couple of hundred people dancing, singing and praying. We all had a chance to sprawl out on the floor while one of the female vicars delivered a sermon that was very 21st century beginning with Facebook Timelines and Twitter, which was then cleverly linked to how we see our lives unfolding and how we can improve our lot by following Jesus.

The congregation was a mixture of the very young to the quite elderly and everyone I spoke to had taken something positive from the experience.
Not something you'd want every week or at 10am on a Sunday morning but used sparingly it was like a breath of fresh air.

A Break
I am taking a day off and indulging myself so there may not be the usual level of response to all the support I receive but I thank all of you loyal followers.

God Bless