Thursday, 11 October 2012

SF or fact - The New Scientist.

 The 'factual' magazine!
Its often said that small seemingly insignificant decisions can change lives. Well I needed some change for the parking meter and I popped into a Tesco Express and saw a copy of the magazine, fancied the lead article on 'Memory' and bought it for £3.50. Well I had great fun reading snippets last evening and laughed out loud at the idea of Einstein finding something about photons as 'spooky'. It inspired me to write the Photon scifaiku in yesterday's blog. But what really tickled me was the use of the word 'entanglement'!

Definition (in the normal world) - snare, involvement, complication and the act of entangling

Seems straightforward. However, in the scientific world it involves some kind of relationship between photons. Now at this point I could bore the pants off you talking about quantum physics but instead I will take you into the world of fantasy. The title for the article was 'Photon reaches from beyond the grave.'
The article then went on to describe how you create entangled photons 1 and 2 then measured photon 1 and it dies! Then create another entangled pair 3 and 4. Entangle 2 and 3 breaking both original entanglements! Now here comes the punchline - Measuring and thus 'killing' proton 4 reveals it is entangled with proton 1 even though 1 died before 4 was 'born'

UNDERSTAND? No me neither but an interesting idea. The magazine was full of this stuff but also articles such as 'Want a gun? Press Ctrl P' - Yes an article about how you can design a gun on computer and print it out on a 3D printer! Scary stuff. The say guns are too freely available anyway but if any tom, dick or harry could print one out! Problem is the printer is around £500,000!

Did you know that it is organised crime that is cutting down most of the world's trees that are being felled at the present time!

Want to go and live on Mars but you need , fuel, oxygen and food. Too heavy to transport etc but what if you take a 'bug box' that contains the synthetic microbes capable of creating the necessary!

The bottom line is this is real science but what a wealth of ideas for the SF writer! There is a website of course:-

Dark Matter

Not seen but exists
Heavy stuff but neutral charge
A cosmic shower
©David L Atkinson October 2012

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