Monday, 19 November 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - Gratin au Poisson Fume

Gratin au Poisson Fume

The recipe for this dish as standard is on the appropriate tab above.

I'm now going to be full of excuses!
Having had a very busy weekend it was incumbent on me to produce something quick and easy so I returned to the above. However, being interested in trying out different things I made a couple of additions to the standard recipe. When you do try to experiment it is sometimes risky as the fluid levels can be altered! The reason I mention that is because an integral part of the gratin is the bechamel sauce. It is also the reason why there isn't a photograph of the finished meal on a plate.
The 'rogue' items that I introduced into the mix were mushrooms, which do not seem to contain too much liquid, and fully skimmed milk - thin by its nature. The sauce thickened well in the cooking but was considerably thinner when the dish cooled. The taste, I felt, was very good. I did slice tomato on top of the dish towards the end of the baking in the oven which was set at 175 degrees C.

Just a quick, true story about fully skimmed milk.

Recently I took myself off to a local shopping centre (USA = mall) and having reached 'half-time' decided to have a coffee. I entered Cafe Nero and ordered a filtered coffee with milk then the following conversation took place between myself and the shop assistant (barista?).

"Could I have fully skimmed milk please?" I requested.
"Sorry sir we only have semi-skimmed or skinny!" replied the young girl behind the counter.

The coffee was fine with semi-skimmed. It just set up in my mind the question about what on earth 'skinny milk was in the event that it wasn't fully skimmed milk. Perhaps some kind of man made whitener fabricated from an agglomeration of unappetising and dubious chemicals.

And finally

Clouds in my Coffee

The beverage with the roasted beans
may well be enhanced by a clot of cream
When ordering drinks of this nature today
The choices innumerable - to ones dismay
Caramel, vanilla, gingerbread and more
Macchiata, latte, cappuccino a score
Of inventions to tempt the buyer
The tastes of nothing but sugar are dire.
To whiten fat free milk was requested
Skinny was offered but explanation deflected
©David L Atkinson November 2012

God Bless