Monday, 26 November 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - Savoury Cod

 Savoury Cod

This should really have been savoury haddock but as I only had cod in the freezer! Really you could use any white fish as the topping is very savoury. I have served it with my own tomato sauce which again is quick and easy but looks and tastes ok. (A tin of chopped tomatoes, half an onion and seasoning boiled up together, not too long if you like your onions crunchy.)

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This recipe is another from the Women's Institute recipe book and dates back over fifty years. I'm sure the celebrity TV chef's would call it something else in French or Italian but it will taste the same so I'll stick to English. It just goes to show how things don't really change.

The Humble Cod (haiku)

A fish huge in size
Bottom feeding in chill seas
Mind - worms in the meat!
©David L Atkinson November

 God Bless