Monday, 12 November 2012

A Tuesday recipe - Yorkshire puddings

Yorkshire pudding variations

The humble Yorkshire pudding was a regular part of my diet during my upbringing even though that was outside that county. The main secret is that the fat you pour your batter into must be smoking hot although my mum used to add 2 tbsp cold water and let the mixture rest for half an hour before cooking. (the recipe is on the relevant tab above). The recipe dates back around 400 years and has been called both dripping and batter pudding at various times in history. One of my favourite versions was when the fat from round the roast beef was used in the Yorkshire pudding tin and just topped up with dripping.
In Yorkshire the pudding is served first with rich gravy before the meat and veg. one theory being that it was to fill the diners up and so the smaller, more expensive, main courses followed.
Variations can be fun and very tasty. Basically, any stew would go into the pudding, toad in the hole, sliced meat and vegetables. 
Have fun!

God Bless