Friday, 30 November 2012

December begins - Review of 'A Hook in the Sky'

A slightly more serious effort at a seasonal acrostic!

Delight at this time of giving
Events full of fun and light
Chill nights with stars dazzling
Excited children shining bright
Masses of food – drink overflowing
Bundles of gifts a colourful sight
Expectation is daily growing
Remember the reason for the night
©David L Atkinson November 2012

A Hook in the Sky


The Author

Claude Nougat is Columbia University Graduate (Economics) and passionate traveller (80 countries+). Multilingual: French mother tongue, English, Spanish, Italian. Multiple work experience: banking, editing, free-lance journalism, college teaching and marketing. Worked 25 years for the United Nations/Food and Agriculture as project analyst, ending as Director for Europe/Central Asia.


A really riveting read with well defined characters between which the different relationships are explored fully. Author Nougat is a polished performer in the art of creating believable characters with which to decorate her settings in various parts of Europe. She is very clever in the way that she maintains the differing cultures of the characters in France, Italy and the USA. Interwoven in the exploration of the relationships is the examination of different genre of artists and how they are perceived by the art world. All of this and there is excitement and tragedy as well.
I found Claude Nougat's style very readable and the thinking behind the plot was both clear and intense. It is probably the most comprehensive examination of a characters personality that I've ever read and by the time I'd finished reading the book I felt that I knew the lead intimately. This is an excellent story that will intrigue the reader in a variety of ways and I recommend it highly.

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God Bless