Thursday, 22 November 2012

I Have To Get It Right - Chapter 10 (part 2)

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I Have To Get It Right

Chapter 10 (part 2)
Maybe I needed just to disappear, quickly and quietly. It would make long term sense for the family to know as little about me as possible. I gripped the back of the chair slowly and quietly braced my legs. The two guys were exchanging the odd word but looked bored out of their minds. It was obvious that this was not their type of thing. That was why my plan worked. It took less than ten seconds to silence the two of them. The chair hit the first guy on the chest and right arm and the other guy was so shocked when I hit him he went down like a sack of spuds. I turned on the armed guard, cracked him on the wrist and hit him in the throat. I used their belts to tie them and their shirts to gag them. I then opened the door quietly and looked out. No sign of the family. I slipped quietly along the side of the office and to the corner. I looked round and there was the car I had been brought in. I had two sets of keys that I’d taken from the two guys in the office. There was no one in the cars or around so I went to the boot and took out my case and walked away into the industrial estate. I kept away from the main access road. The units were laid out in a grid pattern. So I could walk parallel with the main drag without being seen. It only took 5 minutes to get out but then I needed to disappear. The family would be out very soon!
When I had been brought here they had turned right into the industrial estate. I turned left and headed towards what looked like the town centre. The roadside was festooned by more industrial buildings and advertising hoardings. I hurried to the nearest hoarding that faced the road and walked behind it. There was a large bush and some smaller scrub which gave cover behind the advertisement and no factory unit immediately behind. I looked round and pantomimed taking a leak. There was no one about. God Bless the Italian siesta! I sat down with my back against the hoarding and took a deep breath. I need to assess my situation. Decisions have to be made!
First of all I couldn’t trust anyone in Jesi. The Torino’s have this town sewn up. Not much I could do about going towards it, I need transport and that will enable me to get away. The question is where to? I am sure the family will have the two airports in the area well covered! I could sail across to Split on the Dalmatian coast or drive north and leave the country that way. Drive up to Milan and then on into France and home! That would be my shortest route. Also, once I had obtained a car, I would be on my way before the family had decided which way I had gone. I would also be driving away from the area I had been in for the last few days. Pescara is south of Ancona.
I opened my bag and took a pale blue shirt out and swapped it for my black one. Black in the midday sun does not go well and a change of colour would help as a minimal sort of disguise. I also had a baseball cap, which I put on. The large bag was a bit of a give-away but I felt I needed it so it would go with me. The problem was a car. If I hired a car, there would be necessary ‘footprints’ such as my credit card, driving licence and physical presence. If I nicked a car it would be instantly reportable but, on the other hand I just need to put quick miles between me and Jesi. I can also ensure that I am not seen and create little fuss about my departure. Softly, softly equals success!
I had heard cars moving up and down the road behind me, but it was relatively quiet. I don’t know where the family are but that would be a test of my carefulness and watchfulness! As I got closer to the town there were more dwellings and fewer work sites and so opportunities started to avail themselves. Still few folk about and I had not seen the Mercedes I’d arrived in! I was approaching a block of flats with a car park beneath. No chance of being overlooked. There were a couple of men dressed in working clothes following me about 100 metres behind and no one in front. Many of the windows in the flats were open, some with washing hanging out, the occasional occupant hanging out smoking. Little action! I strolled unconcernedly down the ramp into the parking space. No car engines, no barrier, and no people. I walked to the back of the garage and stood in the shadows and waited. I waited, standing very still, for five minutes, and then ten passed by. Nothing! I had been looking at the cars and gauging which to take. I had learned how to start a car at bodyguard school. Seems a strange skill, I know, but when escaping from a situation we were told that an obscure car rather than a super stars limousine could soon cool a heated episode. There was a grey Fiat Punto, about five years old, a little unkempt, the odd scratch here and there, just what I was looking for. I moved quickly and quietly to it keeping my eyes and ears open. I used the handle of my knife wrapped in my black t-shirt and smashed the passenger window. I opened the door, got under the steering column and hotwired the car. Put my bag next to me to hide the glass on the seat and set off slowly towards the exit. Once I got to the exit I would have to go fast. Someone upstairs might recognise their car and decide to call the local carabinieri. I moved to the point where I was still hidden from view above but could see the road, there was nothing coming so I accelerated out as quickly and quietly and headed off towards the town. I explored the inside of the car. No Satnav or air conditioning. So it was windows down and search for a railway station – they usually have a shop that sells maps, sometimes! I found a pair of tacky sunglasses in the glove box and donned those. My disguise was improving, slowly. There was not a lot of fuel in the tank but enough to do about 100 miles, I hope. I found what I was looking for and paid in cash and set off northwards. The road follows the coast for quite a distance and I felt uncomfortable about that, but I would have to wait until after Rimini when the road cuts away from the sea. Then there was Bologna where I would dump this heap and hire me a proper car! Or maybe I needed a faster means of transport! The one avenue I hadn’t considered was the railway. It could be very anonymous. The next step was to find a station on the main route out of Italy.
The traffic was light and I kept my eyes open for a Mercedes in my rear view mirror. I was still wearing the baseball cap and sunglasses as a meagre disguise. No sirens! I was getting close to the town centre so I looked for signs to Ancona and the coast. The road was straight and I speeded up to as much as the rattling of the heap I was driving was bearable. About 50 mph!! There was a signpost to the A14 and Rimini. At last a light at the end of the tunnel, or was it just the start of that metaphorical tunnel? Now to find a station to catch the train, I didn’t even know what the sign for one was like. Time was moving on also. It was approaching 14:30 and I needed to have made a major step away before I could rest up for the night. The idea of the train was beginning to look very attractive. I could be travelling at over a 100mph and fast asleep!
Ancona was closer but I feel that there is a slimmer chance of being spotted further north, so it will be Rimini! The Torino family have no reason to believe I will head north. I guess they will reckon on me staying with what I know and that is Pescara and south from Ancona. I would head north on the Autostrada Adriatica and either wait until I get to Rimini in about an hour or a little longer, or if I see a station in between, head for that. I came to the junction and slipped on to the motorway without difficulty. The first sign stated that I was heading to Bologna and Rimini was the next big town around 140km away. About 85 miles! Maybe a couple of hours! It was going to be teatime at the earliest. There was another town, Fano that was also signposted at 60km. If it was signed on a motorway it must be a fair size. I decided to come off there and have a look round. It would serve two purposes, firstly I would be able to ditch the car and remain quite anonymous; and, secondly there was probably a station.
There was no way I was going to do the distance at a mile a minute in this heap so I poddled along at around 50mph and resigned myself to about an hour in what was not exactly the lap of luxury. I glanced round the inside of the car. It said a lot about the mind of the owner. It was dirty and messy! There were scraps of paper on the dashboard and the floor. The ashtray was overflowing. The inside of the windscreen was smeared and that was making the visibility poor due to the sun shining across. Thank goodness the journey was only going to be short lived! I was beginning to feel very thirsty and ever so slightly peckish. I would use my ATM card and get cash out then pay for everything with euros.
I had no problems getting off the Autostrada and headed for what I took to be the town centre. It was a pleasant enough place with a smattering of hotels and a sign for a port. I eased in to a side street and parked the car. I collected my belongings and kept the sunglasses! I strolled nonchalantly towards the port and found a tourist map of the town on a display board with the red arrow and the legend ‘YOU ARE HERE’ in Italian. The port was straight in front and the beach to the left, a station was marked somewhere off to my right. I saw a couple of Hotels marked in the vicinity and also a banco. That was my first stop. I got a couple of hundred euros out of my account and then started to look for the station. It was a five-minute walk and when I got there found it was only for regional trains but that network did cover the route up the coast to Rimini and beyond. Easy then! I find a hotel, book a room and have a good night’s sleep and off to the north tomorrow. The earliest train will be 06:00 but I think sleep is more important at the moment. The chances of the family finding me here are fairly slim. I could foresee one slight risk and that is the hotel would need to register my passport! Still there are quite a few hotels in Fano and a similar number of towns along the coast to cover, so they would struggle to come across my name in the time available. I set off towards the coast road a couple of hundred metres away where there were a number of hotels and chose the Cristallo. I asked for a room with a balcony and a sea view and then for directions to the restaurant.
After a shower and a change of clothes I went down to the restaurant and had quite a leisurely meal. I took a stroll on the promenade and cast my mind back over the events of the day. It seemed a lifetime since I had ended the senior Torino’s existence on this planet and since then I had been caught, fought two bodyguards off, escaped, stole a car and moved on to Fano. A far cry from the dour handling of other people’s bank accounts. I had always wanted a more exciting life! I was tired so I returned to my room and after a few aikido stretches and a little meditation I went to bed.

God Bless