Thursday, 29 November 2012

I Have To Get It Right - Chapter 11 (part 4)

Chapter 11 (part 4)
I started shuffling from side to side and the chair was moving. There was some give in the old piece of furniture. The rocking became rhythmical until I overbalanced to my right and hit the floor with a crash. The thug who had pinioned me had my feet level with the bottom of the chair legs, so I needed to arch my back and slide my bottom towards the edge of the chair to slide the ties down and off the legs of the chair. Sounds easy but I incurred more damage to my ankles to the point where the blood was running down on to my feet. I needed to free my arms. As things stand I couldn’t get off the floor. I gripped the chair seat and tried to move it to one side. The joints between the seat and the back were looser. I rocked and twisted as quickly and strongly as I could and eventually I rived the back off but my arms were still fastened to it. I could now stand and use my bare feet, which in themselves are effective weapons, my Aikido training has seen to that. I started to inch the back upwards so that my hands would be free, even though my upper arms would still be pinioned.
I heard steps moving quickly so I moved to the wall on the hinge side of the door. The door swung open and as it did I used all my strength to slam it shut again. I was only partially successful but whoever was coming through was both shocked and damaged judging by the grunt of pain. He had been leading with his arm and nose! The gun he had been holding he dropped and the blood was spurting on to the floor from his nose. I delivered a kick to his face pushing him out of the room and slammed the door. I kicked a chair leg to the bottom of the door and tried to wedge it in. I then engineered to pick up the gun but with it in my hand all I would hit would be the backs of my own legs! I needed to think and quickly. I turned my back to the door bent forwards and aimed at the door through my legs and fired at the area near the upper centre. I heard a yelp and the thumping on the door stopped. It sounded as if my luck was continuing to hold. I shambled across to the old fireplace as quickly as I could and tried jamming the chair in the narrow opening at the top and pulling to the left and right. I pulled upward forcing the garden ties down over my biceps and below my elbows until I could finally drop the chair. My arms were covered in scratches and cuts but I was free, armed and naked! Very dangerous! I had no idea how many people were outside but I felt sure that they were in a state of shock and there was at least one injured person. I checked the rest of the room more closely, particularly the windows, I needed a way of escape. The windows were old metal frames and fastened but tall. The glass would break of course but that would attract attention. Now there was an idea. If I break one of the windows it will drag some of my captors out and split their forces. Divided they fall. I picked up one of the chair legs and smashed the window furthest from the door. I made a racket clearing the glass out of the frame so that I could use it if needs be. There were shouts from the other side of the door and the sounds of running. I replaced the cloth over the window; it could hardly be described as a curtain! I went back to the door and listened very carefully I could hear nothing but I knew in my heart of hearts they would not leave this unguarded so I flung the door open and fired a shot blind dropping to the floor and rolling into the outer room. There were two of them. One with a towel to his face trying to stem the flow of blood from his nose, and the other clutching a wound to his shoulder! I gestured with my gun for them to drop their weapons, which they did, and then waited behind the door for their comrade to return. He didn’t take long and rather than a stilted conversation in sign language I cracked him behind the ear as hard as I could. I kept the other two covered and found a recently opened packet of garden ties. I put them to good use binding my 3 jailers a good deal more securely than they tied me!
I found some clothes and dressed quickly because I had no idea what time it was or how long I had before more of the family arrived. I worked quickly and was ready to leave in a very short time. The frustration was that I had made little progress. Two escapes and I was still in Italy!

God Bless