Thursday, 15 November 2012

I Have To Get It right - Chapter 8

It’s not God’s Fault

God doesn’t make you
Shining opportunities
You make the choices
©David L Atkinson November 2012

Chapter 8

I left the hotel at 08:30 telling reception that I would be back in 3 or 4 days. I explained that I was going further north for a few days but would return and I wanted them to hold my room. I’d packed an overnight bag including my essential tools!
I was leaving the hotel in a bit of a euphoric haze. After I had eaten the previous evening, I returned to my room to be welcomed by a sweet giggle and instructions not to turn on the light. I knew who it would be! A certain very sexy Japanese waitress! When I woke this morning she had gone. I needed to fathom out what had happened and how I felt about it. Misaki is a very attractive girl. It left a smile on my face. It’s mysterious, I am still assuming she is a Gurentai colleague but have no proof! We didn’t talk much!
I was in Jesi by 10:45 and started out by finding a pension for the next few nights. It wouldn’t be possible to book a room until later in the day so I drove up to the Torino villa for a scout around. I drove up the hill passed the gates of the villa and found a firebreak into the forest above the house. I found a deserted place to park and strolled quietly through the trees towards a point I guessed would be above the villa. I had my binoculars, knife and handgun with me so I was ready for action if necessary. I took my time and headed slightly downhill. I didn’t get too far into the woods before I came across a chain link fence topped with razor wire. Not very friendly! I worked my way along the fence; about 2 metres higher up the hill until I could see the back of the property. I spotted cameras on the roof facing outwards but had not seen any placed on the fence or close to it.
The villa is a beautiful whitewashed two-storey building and I feel sure that the inside will be lined with cool marble floors and staircases. I also imagine the furnishings would be exquisite. There was a terrace at the back of the house surrounding a beautiful large swimming pool. A couple were sat by the pool nibbling fresh fruit, and drinking what looked as if it could be coffee. They were not in the first flush of youth. I took them to be the parents of the Torino children. A suited and booted flunky came out of patio doors carrying a tray and proceeded to clear the table. How very decadent! There was no sign of anyone else. I found myself a place to observe and settled down. There was a considerable difference between this and the undergrowth in Washington Co. Durham. It was dry for one thing, warm and fragrant. Junipers instead of Oak! The sun was behind me and so I would be in the shadows of any prying eyes or cameras. The glare would protect me for now. I wanted to get a feel for the routine around the villa. There were no obvious guards, or dogs. I settled down with my back against a tree and spent an hour just watching the scene.
Not much to report really. The cameras seemed to be stationary and so there must be areas that weren’t covered by their electronic gaze. There was also probably someone observing screens inside the house. A better than average chance of being a couple of guards, or faithful retainers with muscles, patrolling round. There was no sign of any guard dogs, although they could be inside, kennelled during the day. I hope there weren’t any, I hate cruelty to animals, and if I were to kill Antonio here, they would have to be dealt with.
The elderly couple got up together and went inside. I took a chance and hurried back to the car. I thought they may be leaving and it may prove valuable to see the routine for leaving the villa, and also to see where they were heading. I made it to the car and drove to the end of the track, looking right down the road towards the villa entrance.
I felt something wasn’t right. As I glanced down the road towards the gates I noticed a camera on the top of one of the posts and also a guy in a loud shirt, Bermuda shorts and a rifle slung across his back heading towards the gates but looking my way. My fire engine red Alfa felt very exposed. I waited till the guy had glanced away and then set off up the hill away from the villa and the town. I knew that next time I came it would have to be under cover of darkness. I returned to my Pension in Jesi and dropped the car off. I decided to recce the offices of our lady lawyer.
The day was really hot so I was very casually dressed and carried a camera like any other tourist. The office was inconspicuous, just a brass plate on a wall in a street down the side of the town hall. There were other plates on the wall none of which I understood. I tried the door, which opened and found myself in a hallway with a couple of doors and a staircase in front of me. The doors at either side had names on none of which was J Torino. There wasn’t anything on the walls, not even a cheap print of the Leaning Tower at Pisa! I hadn’t thought of what I would say if anyone came out but I climbed the stairs anyway. There were 3 doors, J Torino was right in front. I turned and skipped down the stairs and back out into the street. I would need my special kit before I returned and it would not be in bright sunlight. Everything I needed was in the boot of the rental car.

God Bless