Sunday, 18 November 2012

I Have To Get It Right - Chapter 9 (part 2)

A bit of a chunk I know but my friends around the world are persevering manfully for which I am grateful.

Chapter 9(cont)

One of the men that had been in the town came round the corner from the direction of the pool closely followed by two large beasts Rottweilers. My only experience of these beasts was a neighbour who had one, which was eventually put down for savaging another dog, whose owner was walking it in the local park! They were powerful and exceedingly angry dogs as far as I knew. I fitted the silencer on my Glock 17. The reality was that those dogs would have to die, but how to do it quietly! I can’t have them yelping so a headshot is a must, so I would have to get close. This was going to be a waiting game in all respects. The guard put water out for the dogs patted them both and went back round the corner. I heard a door and assumed it was closing behind the guy I had just seen. I stayed where I was and watched the dogs. They ate, drank and crapped then seemed to be settling down in the lee of their kennels. I could only see their large hulking body shapes in the deep shadows. This was not going to enable me to make progress. Stalemate!  They would stay there all night unless I did something about it. I started to edge very slowly forward in my crouched position and only a millimetre at a time. I was only 5 metres from the fence before one of the dogs responded. I noticed the great head lift off his paws. I froze! He got up and padded purposefully towards the perimeter fence. He stood still and stared straight at me. I was sure he couldn’t tell I was a budding intruder. I sat very still and slowed my breathing but didn’t take my eyes off the beast. He wasn’t showing signs of agitation but he was curious. Whether it was a shape that was unfamiliar or just a whiff of my scent! He sat down but didn’t move away. I was close enough to get a clear shot but I couldn’t get my gun from my waistband without setting off a cacophony of barking. I waited. He lay down but his head  was like the turret on a tank, never wandering from its potential target.
It was cooling down and I was hoping not enough to cause my breath to show. I moved my right arm a fraction so I could slip it behind me. Very steadily now! Nothing sudden and no noise! Its amazing how the patch of earth I had found myself sitting on was so hard. I could feel every grain of sand and pebble through the seat of my pants. The dog still didn’t respond and I got my hand to my gun and started to withdraw it from its position. I mustn’t make any noise. The problem would be fitting the silencer. It would be a potential disturbance. Even though it was cool the perspiration was running down my face and trickling down my back.
I needed to move and soon. I kept my movements slow and smooth. The dog was dozing but facing me. Its companion seemed to be sleeping. I managed to get the gun in front of me and the silencer out of my pocket. Now to fit the two together! Fortunately, all my equipment is well maintained and oiled. I had no problem. I was ready and needed to move forward again. It was coming to crunch time. If I didn’t succeed I would scarper back into the woods and head away. I edged a further metre forward. A clean shot would be possible now. I raised my gun and aimed at the head of the nosy one. He never knew a thing one indistinct ‘phut!’ and he was dead. The other dog obligingly trotted across and I dropped him as he sniffed at his buddy. I put another bullet into each of them and moved away and round the back of the building. I took care because the Homo sapiens guards were still about. I couldn’t see them leaving all of the security for the safety of this odious family, entirely to the dogs.
There was no sign but I felt that there would be periodic patrols. I worked my way round to the side of the property where the swimming pool is and again found nothing. There was more detail to the house in that this part was L-shaped. It offered some cover for the clandestine stalker. I still had to get by the fence and into the house. These thoughts were beginning to impinge on my sense of reality! I had been buoyed along by adrenalin and an over developed sense of my own invincibility. Now I had some real ‘fences’ to cross. Then I realised how stupid I had been. I’d killed the bloody dogs but wasn’t in anyway sure I could get anywhere near Antonio Torino. What an idiot! There were going to be at least 5 bedrooms, how was I to find the man I’m after? On top of which there were two younger Torino’s who could well be a problem not to mention Antonio himself. What had I achieved only to heighten their level of alertness? Idiot! What to do next then?
I checked the fence over and found no electrical connections over 3 adjacent sections. I cut the fence using my acid spray and got into the grounds at a position where the cameras facing outward from the house would leave an area uncovered, or so I believed. I approached the end wall of the building that partly enclosed the pool and edged my way along until I was at the corner, looking at the pool and steeling myself to look round the corner at the house. It was at this point that I froze! I thought I heard movement. I half turned and pressed my back against the wall. I held my Glock in front pointing downwards with both hands. I waited, staying very still in the deep shadow. I heard a definite footfall on the gravelled area behind the building to my left. I eased in that direction as quickly and silently as was possible. The guy then made the usual mistake of leading with his gun hand. I brought the handle of mine down bone-crunchingly hard on the wrist of my pursuer. This had the double effect of disarming him and bringing his head into view, which afforded the opportunity of crashing the gun butt into his face with a slashing backhand swing. I felt the bone in his nose break and he went down like a ton of bricks with blood pouring down his face. I was carrying some garden ties, which I bound his wrists with. I ripped off his shirt and gagged him with it before binding his ankles - I hope he didn’t choke on his own blood. All this took a couple of minutes and I was sweeping my surroundings while I worked. I made sure that my prisoner was out of sight at the back of the building near the house wall. I didn’t have time for anything else.
I was out of breath and needed to think. I sat down by the wall. I considered leaving now. What would I have achieved - only making life harder for myself in the matter of Antonio’s demise? I need to go on. I would examine the windows. It wasn’t a cold night I may be able to increase my knowledge of the layout of the house. One thing I had discovered that the wall I was sitting against was a double garage. I changed direction and decided to look at the back of the house. There was a single garage and a couple of smaller padlocked buildings. The kennels were round the other side but all was still quiet.
I approached one of the larger windows round the back. There was no light and only a blind. There was no open window. There were also a number of services coming out of the wall, which would usually indicate a kitchen or bathroom. Next to it there was a smaller window, about half the size, and it had a section, which opened and was ajar. Curtains at this one but no light! I moved silently beneath it and settled to listen. After a moment or two I identified steady breathing. There was a crack in the curtains but no way that I could see anything. The impression was not of a large room and therefore I surmised it would belong to one of the younger members of the family or a servant or guard. Next to it was a bathroom window, judging by the translucent style of the glass. I rounded the corner and eased along to the large double window. Again there was an open section and curtains that must belong to one of the family members or the senior Torino’s. Again there was a bathroom type window and another large room. Finally opening with patio doors on to the terrace near the pool was a large lounge. I looked across the terrace and could see that there was a window facing me and to the right of the back of the garage. This was another bedroom I felt sure. Now I would think that this would be a big room for Antonio, Julia or their parents. In the roof there were a number of dormer windows, but I felt that my luck would be in on the ground floor.
I checked the lounge patio doors, which I found locked, the lights were out also and after 2 minutes there was no sign of life. I crossed in front of the doors, between the pool and the main house door and approached the double doors of what I took to be Antonio’s bedroom. I tried the handle! Amazing how arrogant some people are. It wasn’t locked! All was still quiet and I eased the door open a fraction at a time. I made no noise. Once inside I closed the door very gently and stood to the left against a wall. I stayed very quiet and slowed my breathing. At first I heard nothing and then after concentrating and eliminating the night sounds around the house, some gentle breathing. Under my feet was a marble floor and from the soft moonlight I could see a rug next to the bed. The bed was magnificent. It had a large curved leather head and footboard. The sheets looked like silk, black silk. So the pale face of the sleeping form was easy to see. It was who it was supposed to be. My heart leapt in anticipation. I lifted my Glock aimed carefully at the sleeping man and fired once to the body and once to the head. His body jerked twice. I stayed still. Nothing! No breathing anymore. Job done! I needed to leave. I retraced my steps taking even more care not to be heard. I left the grounds through the hole I had cut in the fence and strolled down the hill back to my car. The journey to my small hotel was uneventful, although every stone, light and sound seemed hugely amplified. Adrenalin does that to me. This had been different from the previous assassinations. I was in greater control. I had carried out a service that indirectly benefited my home region. Did I feel any guilt? None at all! These scum caused so much suffering and carried no more guilt than me. The ‘powers that be’ are so riddled with administrative guilt and fear of risk that these super criminals get away with murder, literally!
I decided that the best way forward was to follow my usual routine in the morning, check out and return to Pescara. Once there, I could have another day or two to ‘come down’ and then back to the UK. Just about a week’s holiday in the spring sunshine!

God Bless