Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Poetry Thursday 37 - Venture Galleries + all sorts!

Venture Galleries

A big thank you to all of my visitors who have started reading the serialisation of 'I Have To get It Right' on
A particular thanks to Caleb Pirtle III who has been very supportive in this venture.

A Haiku

The haiku is linked back to this week's recipe.

A batter basin
Steamy, classic nourishment
Traditional fayre
©David L Atkinson November 2012

Church Family

When in the building there's a warm glow
It exudes from every pew and pore
The opportunity there to improve when low
For those who enter - comes from God's law

The people who gather therein to share
None are immune to its influences
Its in their manner as they gather there
Partaken by each in side long glances

Is it complacent to go for the comfort
To benefit from His goodness
Or should we work harder to deserve it?
And only arrive when we are sinless 

I feel God would prefer a place full of sinners
His miracles on whom He could perform
The outcome being we'd all be the winners
Would that the world saw that as the norm.
©David L Atkinson November 2012

God Bless