Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Poetry Thursday 38

Church of England votes against women bishops!

Rowan Williams comforts a woman priest.

The vote against women bishops is more a commentary on the voting system as in the issue itself. The house of bishops and of clergy voted overwhelmingly in favour and with the house of laity the majority was around 64% when they needed 66%+ estimated around 6 actual votes. As the rules stand at the moment it would be  2015 before this issue is revisited. As a friend of mine commented '21st century not for the church then!'

Reminds me of the character in Harry Potter, Dolores Umbridge  who, in  introducing herself to the school, said that 'progress for the sake of progress should be avoided at all costs'

Women Bishops - bah! humbug!

Votes counted, all in favour, but for six
A third of the devil's number!
Is a darker hand involved in this?

A red cassock ceiling - is it legal?
Employment law confounded
Or should women know their devil

Ordinary people voted as they did
Do they properly comprehend?
The experts chose a different bid

Church hopes confounded or just delayed?
An inevitable path avoided for now
The majority in the interim dismayed

Hope springs eternal in the human breast
Patience is a virtue
The inevitable day, for now, is at rest

©David L Atkinson November 2012

God Bless