Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday - Poppy day poem

Poppy Day

The bright red emblem of sacrifice
That decorates the nations chest
A dread sign of the one enormous price
That young people paid for our rest

They fought in the muck and the mire
Suffered privations, violence and fear
To provide nations with the peace they desire
Freedom from oppression so severe

It is right that those alive left behind 
Remember that someone unknown
Laid down their lives their kind
The reason for which never shown

So today let us think for some while
Of the girls and the boys who have died
That the rest of us can give a sad smile
Of recognition of great love and of pride
©David L Atkinson November 2012

Amanda Prowse

Amanda is the wife of a serving soldier who went off to Iraq to fight. She was so afraid for his safety that she decided to write about her feelings in the form of a novel entitled 'Poppy Day'.
The story is of Poppy and her soldier husband Martin who is captured and held prisoner. Poppy goes off to 
free him masquerading as a journalist.

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All royalties to this book are donated by the author to The Royal British Legion.

We will remember them.

God Bless