Saturday, 3 November 2012

Review - 'Stepford USA' by Lada Ray

About this author

Lada Ray is a writer, internationally certified feng shui master practitioner, world traveler, linguist, financial consultant & investor, nature/animal lover and spirituality & metaphysics researcher.

Born in Russia, Lada always wanted to write cool stories, which she'd been imagining in her head ever since she can remember. Instead, she listened to her well-meaning parents and started her life in a more traditional way (for her, that is.)
Lada holds a Master's Degree in comparative linguistics (graduated summa cum laude,) is fluent in several languages and has traveled to over twenty six countries (she stopped counting after 26) in Europe, Asia, North and South America, as well as Africa.

The Book - 'Stepford USA'

Psychological mystery thriller set in an idyllic Massachusetts town harbouring a dark secret, STEPFORD USA will dazzle you with an array of funny, outlandish, dangerous and utterly realistic characters. Who committed rape and murder: a corrupt police chief, crooked politician, millionaire-nerd, or womanising banker?
Ladies from the Stepford Knitting Club know it all, except that the town has been hijacked by criminals posing as pillars of local community. That's where Jade Snow comes in. A new breed of amateur sleuths and international journalist, she's thoroughly at home in the brave, new, globalised world, but unprepared for one challenge: the dull existence in this sheltered American town. And that's exactly where she ends up after getting married and pregnant. Aided by a super-intelligent calico cat and a psychoanalyst from New York, Jade's on a mission to solve baffling mysteries, uncover a local conspiracy and turn this sleepy paradise upside down... if she can survive the attraction to an enigmatic convicted rapist, and the encounter with a desperate killer.

Author Ray has an engaging style that demands you turn the page. Her characters are well constructed and maintained consistently well throughout the tale. The setting, in a small rural town not too far from New York, sounds idyllic until the dark nature of some of the inhabitants becomes clear. The story line is well supported with enough detail to maintain the readers interest right through to its conclusion.
Lada Ray also dabbles in the psychic aspects of a pregnant lady with communications between herself and some rather interesting members of the 'cast'. There was enough there to keep me wanting more as the inveterate dreamer that I am.
A great story Lada Ray and I look forward to reading more of your work. Highly Recommended.

God Bless