Saturday, 10 November 2012

What would we do without a spark? + scifaiku

 We depend so much on electricity!

I am in the planning stage of writing a sixth novel but this time it is not a Steele novel. SF has lured me into its clutches and I'm seriously having difficulty concentrating on the Steele novel that I'm part way through writing. So, while chatting to my daughter the other week, we allowed our imaginations reign free and discussed what would happen if the lights went out. In other words if electricity failed. Too far fetched? Not at all - we were warned recently that power cuts would become a way of life in a relatively short time unless we place more emphasis on 'green' sources of energy.

As an aside sharing ideas like this with another can be a great way to stimulate the imagination and therefore benefit writing.

Once you actually consider what humans depend on electricity for, the lack of it becomes a serious problem. Let us reflect - computers! Do I need to go any further? If the world's computers ground to a halt where on earth would we be in the space of a month? These machines form the basis of control of almost all aspects of our lives like the common or garden car. The control systems for delivering fuel for example or, within the car itself, the on board computer which if it fails the car stops. Obviously with fuel, it will keep working as a car generates its own power. Within the health service certain operations would not be possible using laser treatment or key hole surgery. The banking system would crash - end of story! Supermarket checkouts? In short anything with the 'c' word involved operating from mains electricity would be damned. 
Great material for what life would be like afterwards!
Of course we could look at life what would become for us ordinary mortals. Like in New York at present fuel would be rationed and the numbers of people entitled to drive would dwindle rapidly. Increasing power cuts would make it hard to keep fridges and freezers operating. Central heating systems would fail and the young and old would be early casualties in that first dark, chill winter. The rich and powerful would look after themselves of course but they wouldn't be exempt in the end.
Transport and communication would effectively shrink our world so could there be anything good that came from this situation?
We would need to be growing our own food, transport by horse, bicycle and cart. Towns and cities would be 'no go' areas as looting and violence through fear would be rife.

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At this point I must express gratitude to Caleb Pirtle III for including my book in his Venture Galleries blog for serialisation.

What’s Left

No power to move
Silence rules the frozen land
Where do we go now?
©David L Atkinson November 2012

God Bless