Friday, 16 November 2012

When is an election not an election? & Writing SF

The answer = when not enough people turn out to vote!

The new PCC in Swindon was supported by only 7% of the populace! I'm old fashioned enough to think that is not true representation, almost undemocratic.


I suppose that really I am jumping on an opportunity that I'd not expected to materialise. However, the position of Police & Crime Commissioner, could actually figure in my new SF novel tentatively named 'Cessation'. Imagine the scenario of central government breaking down - what happens next? Could it be that these PCCs become powerful dictators in their local areas of influence? Would security forces gather round them as a figure head? Perhaps, the fact that they'd been elected without a real mandate could lead to more social unrest and even rioting and looting.
The break down of what we consider our 'normal' way of life would be replaced by tiny cells of people who would probably bind together with some common interest and the chances would be that they would congregate in rural places. Irrespective of the advent of PCCs, security forces, either private or state run, gangs would rule the towns and cities.

All sorts of scenarios could come from today's events and I suppose all writers should  keep on the ball with regard to current affairs as they could have a bearing on their work.


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