Friday, 23 November 2012

Writing begats Writing - KDP Select weekend

I Have To Get It Right - Chapter 10 (part 2)

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Writing begats Writing

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend who has bought all of my books and I believe is writing poetry herself. She'd seen the documentary featuring author of the Rebus novels, Ian Rankin. I featured it in a blog entitled 'The Fear of page 65' a few weeks ago. He was fascinating to listen to but he seemed to believe that the more you write the more writing comes from you. I have found that if I have a 'good' session the ideas flow from what I write and so even if I've planned to the nth degree there is a degree of mystery in what will come next. That is why my planning has to be a flexible skeleton rather than a rigid framework. 
My friend was talking along the same lines and lamenting the need to go back and correct or edit what she'd written. The need to edit is very important to produce a quality finished piece of work but I would caution against over doing it! Recently, it was suggested by a different person that I re-write my first book because the quality of what I am writing now is much better. It was a suggestion meant in all kindness because I do become dissatisfied when things are not right. However, in my conversation with our budding poet, we both agreed that, as rough round the edges as it may seem, it was my first effort. It comes back to the personal nature of writing. I believe that there is a time when you have to close the book and accept it as it is. The alternative can become obstructive to your writing. A little like studying to higher levels in that you learn more and more about less and less and eventually you disappear up your own orifice! I know someone who has great writing talent but becomes so dissatisfied with her efforts she goes back to re-write so often that she becomes de-motivated and never finishes what she has started. It's a great shame as the ideas are sharp and novel, and the characters well defined and supported.
When I first decided that I was going to write someone advised me to begin by writing a personal diary, which started around a dozen years ago. I still keep up to that. In fact it has provided me with useful background to almost every book I've written so far. Added to the diary I am 'having life' experimenting with poetry, to the point that it is almost like play time at school. The important thing is that it is writing. So if you want to write, have just begun writing, or are experienced but stalled with your work I would say try a different form of writing. It is the nature of writing to benefit from variety.

God Bless