Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Big Day - or not! - Christmas stuff too.

 The Nativity Play

Having taught in primary school for many years, and being a regular church goer, I have witnessed and been involved in Nativity productions. We had a rehearsal in church this morning in preparation for tomorrow. It is in its traditional form and involves both children and adults. The way it has been put together I think is great. The play runs through the whole service, interjecting at appropriate points through the usual communion service. Yours truly is taking the part of an angel!
Saint Francis of Assisi performed Midnight Mass in Greccio on Christmas Eve 1223 in front of a life-size nativity scene (crib or creche) built by Giovanni Velita, with live animals. This is sometimes credited as the first nativity play. However, more formal Nativity plays have featured in Christian worship since medieval mystery plays.

 Mayan Calendar

If you are reading this the world didn't end as Mayan predictions were interpreted! I think a closer interpretation was the ending of old ways and the beginning of the new. In the western world we try and do that every year on New Year's Eve with our resolutions which for the most part is another waste of time.

A Christmas Contribution

The Nativity Play

In church or at school
The glow of the birth of Christ
Caring and sharing
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