Monday, 31 December 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - Happy New Year - Haiku

Happy New Year

A happy new year
To all my red hot readers
And the others too!
©David L Atkinson December 2012


Foody thing

Pork and bacon pie with cauliflower cheese mash

 Individual and large versions of the pie

 Pie served with peas and apple sauce

This is a really tasty and simple pie to make. If you are avoiding pastry as a New Year's Resolution then the large pie at the top is made without.
It is another example of getting some of the five-a-day into the kids as it is really tasty. The cauliflower broken into florets and folded into the mashed potato along with cheese is delicious and could be used as a topping for almost any pie made with mince. 
Full recipe is on the above TAB.

I reproduced this recipe even though you might expect something more seasonal because I wanted to avoid the latter!
I don't know about you but after the preparation for Christmas, the day itself and the build up to the worst excuse for binge drinking ever, I wished for normality, or at least a soupçon of the same.

Happy Easter!
I went shopping this morning for a few essentials to see me over a couple of days and I was astounded to see:- 
yes Easter bunnies for sale. It isn't even 2013 yet!

 A Topical Haiku


Before the New Year
Easter in spring - came early
Souls sold to Satan
©David L Atkinson December 2012

God Bless