Sunday, 9 December 2012

I Have To Get It Right - Chapter 14 (part 2)


Baubles are hanging
Seasonal snow now needed
How will we stay warm?

©David L Atkinson December 2012

I Have To Get It Right

Chapter 14 (part 2)
I wanted to get away from the rather stuffy atmosphere of the hotel and walked down the road to a nearby petrol station which had a mini supermarket attached. I knew that the quality wouldn’t be as good but I had only recently found that I had a fortune in my bank accounts and was still used to being frugal. Talk about serendipity – happy accidents – The girl at the checkout had a name badge on her left breast which said ‘Janice’ – I wondered what the other one was called! Her sharp intake of breath reminded me that I was staring rather intently at her boobs and when I looked at her face she was blushing with indignation. Mine was embarrassment and a good deal deeper red than hers! Janice Thompson! No way! After a gabbled apology I almost ran back to the hotel clutching my purchase. Once in my room I threw the sandwich on the bed and got down to re-examining the accounts with Janice’s name on them. When I had done that I then decided a bit of genealogy was called for into Janice’s family tree. Guess what? I found nothing! Now that was suspicious, very much so! Janice didn’t exist before the girls were born. She appeared on records as a young Mum of 18 years as J. Thompson. That meant she was born around 1969 but I couldn’t find anything matching for a birth certificate. That meant that finding a marriage certificate would be difficult. I would have to go through Thompsons bloodline to progress.
I reckoned that James would be about 5 years older than his wife and having heard him speak he was fairly local so I could probably find him without too much trouble although it could be time consuming.
There was a tap on my door and when I opened it Misaki was smiling up at me.
“Dinner Patrick?”
I suddenly realised that I was starving having got the urge to work, I had left my sandwich and it was almost seven o’clock.
“Yes Misaki. I will get my jacket,” I replied.
Sumisu was already waiting at the table. He stood and we all bowed, me lowest of the three, I’m sure that the rest of the restaurant’s clientele were astonished but it was necessary. That is how things work even in business in Japan. It established our position of respect with each other. We settled down for a traditional English evening meal on Sumisu’s insistence. During the meal I related my findings and I think even Sumisu was surprised to some degree. Misaki reported back on her observation of Jim Thompson with the main finding that he seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time surrounded by Italians of various sizes!
“Our next step is to delve deeper into the background of JT and his wife and look carefully at the destinations of money leaving Janice’s accounts. If I am right she may well be the cause of many of our problems,” I said this with my usual enthusiasm.
“Patrick san. Remember to be a little more patient! We have no pressure of time on us but we must be doubly sure that we are right,” Sumisu san said gently.
“Of course you a right Sumisu san,” I bowed. “I will spend the day on these two tasks. And what will you two be doing?” I inquired.
It was an out of place sort of question that I doubted would yield much of a response but I was getting increasingly curious as to what happened behind the scenes while I was risking life and limb!
The meal then continued in companionable silence with only a few questions and comments about the meal as the evening wore on. When we had finished we agreed to meet at 07:30am the next morning.
After our usual greeting I asked about the plans for the day.
“Misaki will continue to observe the family. Today she will watch Janice Thompson specifically. I will be here and available to assist you if you require such help Patrick san! You will find me in the lounge or strolling in the grounds!” he smiled knowingly.
This guy always seems to be one step ahead of my thoughts. How did he know I was becoming more curious as to the nature of his work? I am also curious as to know whom he answers to if anyone! There was the ‘committee’ in Japan who were senior to him, I could tell that by the depth of his bow to them, but there must be someone on a more operational level than himself. Anyway breakfast was over and it was time to move. Two consecutive days of office work! I don’t know how I feel about that. I had a life of that type of work that I had just left. I needed to apply the end goal to today’s task so that I do not see the day as wasted.
We split and went our separate ways. I went to my room and watched the car park from my window until I saw Misaki moving gracefully out of the hotel. I quietly followed holding a parallel course until she arrived at a two-seater sports car. It was a mini coupe, red with white ‘go faster’ stripes. She hopped in and sped out of the car park waving a hand above her head as she left! God I thought I’d been so clever! I returned to my room and worked.
I began with the genealogy task. I wanted to know whom I was dealing with and I am not happy that I actually do understand that as yet. I accessed one of the online genealogy sites and started with James and estimated his age at 45 that would give his birth year of around 1965. I reckoned with him being registered in Durham, because in 1965 Tyne and Wear hadn’t been created. The difficult thing with this search is that Thompson is not exactly an uncommon name! I got hundreds of results. I went back to Janice and the elder daughter. She was born around 1988 when her mother was 18. I would guess then that mum and dad were married around 1987 – 1989. I started to look at marriages of a J Thompson to a J ‘something or other’. This produced a shorter list. The female side of the marriage is listed by initial and surname, so imagine my surprise when I found a J Torino marrying a J Thompson in the first quarter of 1988. That was both shocking and lucky! I decided to let Sumisu know straight away. I went to the hotel lounge first for a coffee and then to find my boss. He was doing the same, relaxing in the lounge with a drink – ocha – green tea – I think.
I showed him my findings in the form of a family tree and sat quietly while he perused the information on the paper. The information I had got also gave the details on the marriage certificate, showing the dates of birth and full names of the two parties marrying. Jacinta Torino became Janice Thompson!
“Well done Patrick san. This would certainly explain a lot of what has occurred and the reason this region of the country had been chosen. Now we need a concrete financial link between Janice and the rest of her family. Off you go Patrick san!” this with a slight smile!

God Bless