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I Have To Get It Right - Chapter 14 (part 3)


Christmas Scifaiku

Fear of the unfamiliar

A Christmas Monster
Chilling kids on Yuletide morn
Unknown - don't unwrap
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I Have To Get It Right

Chapter 14 (part 3)
Once back at my laptop I isolated the joint accounts and then used that as a route into Janice’s holdings. Interestingly, a couple of the joint accounts were Jim’s and his daughters’. Neither of those girls was going to struggle with repaying student loans at the end of their courses. This was clearly a spin off from the ill-gotten gains of their parents. The student accounts were being funded from an account number I didn't recognise. I followed that up and found it was in Janice’s sole name. I had my lead to her. Using that one account I isolated all other accounts with that name. There was a spider’s web of transfers between the personal accounts of the family all with the one bank. Ostensibly I had hit a dead end! I started to search for external payments to other banks. These leave a ‘footprint’ on accounts so that they can be used again. There were a few across her accounts but there was one to a different bank from a savings account under the name of J Thompson. Initially, I thought it was to Jim but I had found no sign that he had any accounts with a different bank. I pulled the information up on this external account and it was in the name of Jacinta Thompson! I smelled a rat straight away. This could be it!
I isolated the account on the new banks database and there were just two accounts – not unusual in itself. Money was being paid to a current account and then transferred to the savings account. Periodically, telegraphic transfers to an account in Italy were being made to a J Torino and coming back from Italy also! Bingo! So easy because the names were so similar! It didn't really matter at this stage how much was being transferred but that the route had been discovered. I made notes of some of the transactions between accounts to illustrate how the scam worked and took them to Sumisu.
“We now need to decide what action to take to break this family and kick them back to Italy,” he commented in a matter of fact way.
“Yes Sumisu san. Could it be that they are aware of what we are trying to do?” I suggested rather tentatively. “The information that Thompson passed to me was tailored to suit what I required of him, but the people he incriminated are his own! It may be that they are getting ready to move, or hide everything, or even to frame one of their own!”
“You may have a point Patrick san. Maybe we don’t have as much time as I first thought. We will get Misaki back and discuss this in the light of what she has observed also,” said Sumisu. “I will call her!”
While we were waiting I tidied up the paperwork in my room, making copies of the main evidence. And then went to the foyer to kill time while awaiting the arrival of Misaki. It shouldn’t be long as it’s only about a 20-minute drive from the Thompson family home to the Ramside. It took a little longer because she had been off following Janice or was it Jacinta?
“Mrs Thompson seemed to be following a normal middle class routine,” said Misaki in a very light voice that demanded you listened to it. “She was very ‘normal’ in everything she did over the last two days.”
“I think, Misaki san that confirms what Patrick and I were saying earlier. They know that someone is on to them,” this without any undue stress! “We must formulate our next action and make a move as soon as possible. It is my opinion that we need to discredit the company McSwann as a front and seize as much of the Thompson/Torino’s assets as we can,” stated our auspicious leader.
“I can freeze their accounts after transferring money to us,” I offered, “without leaving this hotel.”
“That would be most useful Patrick san. We then need to talk with the Thompsons and remove them from their family by marriage! It could be useful to remove them from their home and invite them to stay with us for a short while!”
I had never heard kidnapping and extortion described so eloquently.
“Where will we hold them? We can’t bring them here!” I stated.
“I was thinking of a short trip down the motorway Patrick san!” said Sumisu smiling.
Misaki giggled quietly. The sound of her laughter was like a babbling brook tumbling over stones in the quiet countryside.
“I see and that wouldn’t be to a certain warehouse in Yorkshire!” I asked rhetorically.
“We need to check out and get started immediately,” stated Sumisu, standing up.
Misaki and I also stood and we headed off to our rooms to pack. Ten minutes later we met in the car park. There were three cars; my rather plain looking family car, Misaki’s mini and Sumisu had a black 4x4 style Citroen C4 with opaque rear windows! I had never seen that one before and said as much.
“I haven’t seen this car before Sumisu san!” I queried.
“It is a special vehicle that will allow our ‘guests’ to be transported inconspicuously!” he replied.
We travelled separately towards the Thompson’s residence with me leading as I was most familiar with the area. I led our convoy into the supermarket car park - as it was passed closing time I knew it would be deserted. The plan was simple; we would approach the front door and knock and present ourselves as Insurance sales people. Misaki was there to reassure the ladies of the house – little did they know as to how lethal she could be! Sumisu stays in the bigger vehicle, which we will reverse up the drive. In itself that is guaranteed to get a response from the residents. We will then administer a knockout spray to Janice and her daughter; put them in Sumisu san’s car and drive away. This rather depends on James being out or incapacitated. We need to check it out first to see who was in the house. At this time of night I would expect all 3 to be at home. In that case if James didn’t answer the door I would expect him to be in his office upstairs or watching the TV. It didn’t matter really he wasn’t coming with us. Very important that he is available to talk to the rest of his ‘extended’ family when he realises his immediate family is missing.
If James answers the door he gets the same as the female Thompsons but we leave him here. If he is upstairs he will get his a little later!
It worked like a dream. James answered the door and got the spray in his face – he was down on the floor where I lowered him quietly.
“Jim who is there?” called Janice.
She was the only one in the lounge.
“It’s only us Janice,” I replied as I sprayed her in the face. Misaki ran upstairs and two minutes later I followed and carried Jackie downstairs and out to the car. Misaki helped me put Jim in an armchair and left a note to say we would be in touch with him. I turned out the lights and closed and locked the door behind me. It all happened so quickly even I was impressed. We squashed into the front of the Citroen and returned to the supermarket to get our cars. The ladies were fast asleep!
There were a couple of other refinements to the Citroen. There were no internal handles or locks on the inside of the rear compartment and there was a one way glass partition between the front and rear seats. Forward planning!!!!
I went off ahead of Sumisu and Misaki to prepare my warehouse for our houseguests! They could have the living quarters but I had to cover the windows that looked into the main body of the building and make sure they couldn’t free themselves. The bathroom facilities were only accessible from inside the living quarters so they would be comfortable.
When Sumisu arrived Misaki was in the car with him and I wondered where her vehicle was! The female Thompson girls were still asleep. We carried them inside and laid them on the bed in the warehouse and locked them in. I took Sumisu and Misaki back to my flat for supper and then we returned to the warehouse. We had agreed that someone would have to stay with them for the whole of their stay. Misaki and I were to see to that while Sumisu liased with James Thompson and the Torino family initially. Hopefully we would not have to have them with us for too long. There were certain risks to our identity - we couldn’t be seen!
Sumisu dropped Misaki and I back at the warehouse and left without saying where he was going. We went quietly into the warehouse and made ourselves as comfortable as possible and took turns sleeping and listening for the two females. Typically it was the middle of the night when the commotion began. After some pointless shouting and banging they started to be more reasonable and ask if anyone was there? Misaki pulled out two Noh masks from her bag and we put them on. The Japanese Noh Theatre has over 200 styles of mask. The ones we were wearing looked hideously bland!
“Stand back from the door please!” I instructed.

God Bless