Friday, 28 December 2012

I Have To Get It Right - plenary!

Plenary -  is an adjective related to the noun plenum carrying a general connotation of fullness. It would seem to be another case of a slight misuse of a word. When teaching we were required to have a 'plenary' at the end of each lesson but call it what you will it is just a word that equates with 'conclusion'.

Actually what I really mean to say is that now you have read the book online purchase your own copy from Amazon, Smashwords or The links to where you can purchase the Steele novels are on the sidebar on the right.

If you have difficulty in purchasing because of a broken link please get in touch.

It would seem that many of you have enjoyed the experience of the serialised book but from my point of view some more feedback would have been nice. The fact that the number of visitors to the blog, over the period, has increased significantly in itself is a pointer towards popularity. It is a strategy that I may repeat with the second Steele novel in a few weeks time as the serial is not yet complete on Caleb Pirtle III's Venture Galleries site. If I try to run two books at once I will confuse myself!
The second book in the Steele novels is 'The 51st State'

On the theme of the interesting use of words I heard Margaret Thatcher described as a 'primary colour' MP meaning she spoke with forthright clarity. hence the following haiku:-

Falkland’s War

Margaret Thatcher
Primary Colour MP
Chill wind from the south
©David L Atkinson December 2012

The Musings of a Confused Mind

This collection of thought provoking, educational and darker poetry is available free this weekend at Amazon. Amazon Prime members can borrow the book also.

In the UK use:-

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God Bless