Friday, 21 December 2012

I Have To Get t Right - Chapter 16 (part 3)

A Christmas contribution

Santa’s Sleigh

Elderly transport
A messy power unit
Passed the M.O.T.?
©David L Atkinson December 2012

Chapter 16 (part 3)
Knowing the area very well I decided to take the risk and by-pass Houghton and also my quarry and to hare off down the A1 to Fishburn and be there as a rather unwelcome reception committee. I took a right in Newbottle and headed off to Fencehouses. Once there I turned left on Front Street and accelerated to the A690 at high speed hoping that I would be at that point before the Italian Party. I turned right on to the dual carriageway and headed off towards Durham and the A1. I kept an eye on my rear view mirror and my pace was a steady 50 – 60 mph because I wanted to catch sight of them before I thundered off to give myself half an hour at the airfield before Jacinta arrived. I didn’t have to wait long before I saw the two vehicles I had been following. The rate at which their image was increasing in size in my mirror indicates that they were travelling at high speed themselves. I put my foot down and they disappeared again!
I estimated it would take about half an hour to get to Fishburn so I cracked on. The margin between us wouldn’t be that great! I felt the adrenalin starting to pump through my veins. I left the A1 at junction 61 and headed through Coxhoe and down the A177. I saw signposts for the airfield on my left after ten minutes and turned on to a single-track road that also led to Spennymoor Clay Pigeon Shooting Club. On my left there were cornfields, still green at this time of year and on my right I could see the grass runway. After about 70 metres the road forked to the right for the airfield, I eased my vehicle straight forward to the Shooting Club and parked in their car park. I made sure my Glock was fully loaded and set off over the fence to the back of the airfield hangars. I had to be careful because I fully expected a plane to be there with guards. I wasn’t wrong. There was an Eclipse 500 on the grass outside the nearest hangar. The door was open and the steps in place. There were two men smoking and talking and looking back rather anxiously down the access road.
It was a clear bright late afternoon but where I was the sun was on my right, the direction that the cars would come from. I had a number of options and not much time. I could drop both of the guys I could see; take a long shot, or ambush her as she gets out of the car. Whichever way I was going to be struggling to get away without committing mass murder! The whole area is very open; the only cover is either side of the road that was now behind me. I would have to stay where I was or get into one of the prefabricated buildings that probably functioned as offices or hangars. In fact this situation was hopeless with regards to position, cover, opportunity and escape! What to do!
I waited. In fact I waited for ten more minutes not really deciding to do anything except to kill Jacinta when she arrived. There was the crunch. She should have been here by now. Shit. They weren’t coming here! Teeside then! I sprinted back to my car. I rang Sumisu san.
“I got it wrong Sumisu san!” I said
“Moshi moshi Patrick san I take it they have not arrived.” Stated Sumisu.
“No Sumisu san!” I replied limply.
“Patrick san maybe all is not lost. We have tracking devices on their vehicles and it seems that they are stationary in the town of Fishburn. They are parked in what looks like a restaurant car park. Perhaps you may have a better opportunity where there is more cover!” he commented.
How does he know? Anyway he has a point.
“Sumisu san how…..?” I stammered.
“Theirs is not the only car with an electronic tracking device! How can we support you otherwise Patrick san?” he explained. “They have been parked for about ten minutes, I suggest you drive into the village and stop on the main street. Have you a silencer with you Patrick san?” he asked.
“No Sumisu san. It was with the rest of my equipment in the other car,” I admitted.
“In which case use your knife and failing that get as close as you can and get away quickly,” Sumisu instructed.
“Yes Sumisu san. Thank you,” I said.
“Leave the airfield and turn left at the main road. Take your first left into Fishburn and when you get to the crossroads in the centre of the town where the crossroads are turn left again. The restaurant is called The Beehive, it is on the right and the car park is at the furthest end of the building. Any questions Patrick san?” he asked.
“No Sumisu san.” I shook my head then realised how stupid that was maybe that was a sign of the mounting tension.
“In that case I would suggest you disable their vehicles first Patrick san and perhaps you should park as close to the exit as you can!” he instructed.

God Bless